The maximal-titre antibody production process takes about twelve (12) weeks -- the same in chickens as in rabbits. (This is because the cell biology of antibody induction is the same in all vertebrates.) Note that any company advertising faster production times likely is sacrificing high titres for speed. Aves Labs will not make this sacrifice, as we believe it does not serve our customers' interests.

The 12-week production schedule includes:

  • four (4) injections spaced about 2-3 weeks apart;
  • an egg collection phase; and
  • an IgY purification phase (for both immune and pre-immune antibodies).

Customers requesting that Aves Labs synthesize peptides and conjugate them to carrier proteins should add two (2) weeks to the production schedule (14 weeks total).

Customers requesting affinity purification and/or ELISA analysis should add an additional two (2) weeks (16 weeks total).