Glial and Schwann Cell Markers

Our catalog of Glial and Schwann cell marker antibodies can be used along with your existing mouse or rabbit antibodies in double-labeling studies. All of these cell markers are made against sequences that are 100% shared between mouse, rat and human proteins, assuring that these antibodies will react with a wide range of different mammalian species, in addition to mice, rats and humans. In some cases, our Glial and Schwann cell markers contain mixtures of anti-peptide antibodies generated against different regions of the same gene product, improving signals in your experiments, while still assuring target-specificity. To serve your individual needs, our Glial and Schwann cell Marker Antibodies are sold either in individual vials or as element of our NeuralSampler® Kits, which come in 1 Pack Size or a 3 Pack Size.