PrecipHen® (P-1010)

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Agarose-conjugated goat anti-chicken IgY designed for use in immunoprecipitation applications. A bed volume of 2.0 mLs in a total volume of 4.0 mLs with PBS containing 0.02% sodium azide.

Volume: 2 mL

Physical State: Agarose beads in buffer

Buffer: HEPES (50 mM, pH 7.6), EDTA (5 mM), sodium azide (0.02%, w/v) (as an anti-microbial agent).

Quality Control

The capacity of PrecipHen® was determined by measuring the 2.5 mLs of PrecipHen. One milliliter aliquots of chicken IgY (200 µg/mL in TE buffer) were applied to the column and fractions were collected. A similar column of agarose (non-NHS activated) was used for comprison. The concentration of IgY passing through each column was measured, and the total amount of IgY that bound to the column was calculated.


Store at 4°C in the dark. Under these conditions, PrecipHen® has a shelf life of at least 12 months (provided it remains sterile).


Aves Labs products are intended for use as research laboratory reagents. They are not intended for use as diagnostic or therapeutic reagents in humans.

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