Custom Peptide Synthesis

Aves Labs provides researchers with custom, in-house peptide synthesis at competitive prices. We can also synthesize peptides with modified amino acids, including phosphorylated residues, biotinylated residues, nitrosylated residues, and more.


  • Scales of Synthesis
    We can produce milligram to gram quantities of peptide.
  • Purities
    Although we recommend >70% purity levels for most antibody production purposes, we can further purify your peptides to >98% for other types of applications.
  • Chemical Modifications
    We can modify your peptide in virtually any way you desire, including phosphorylation, amidation, acetylation, methylation, nitrosylation, cyclization, and more.

Our Process Yields Anti-Peptide Antibodies That Work

The most important step in the process of anti-peptide production is the choice of peptide sequence. Aves offers over twenty years of experience in this field, in that time developing thousands of successful anti-peptide antibodies for diverse customers.

Our Immunogenicity Algorithm® identifies sequences that involve analysis of hydrophilicity, chain flexibility, surface probability and the presence or absence of problematic and desirable residues in particular positions within the peptide. We check our peptides for potential sites of post-translational modification, which may reduce their binding properties. Finally, we run our peptides against a chicken database to avoid peptides with high homologies with endogenous chicken proteins.

We guarantee that the peptides we identify will be immunogenic and that the antibodies produced against them will recognize the cognate sequence. We cannot guarantee that these anti-peptide antibodies will recognize the native protein. This may be due to an unexpected post-translational modification within the sequence or to protein folding events which may hide the epitope.