Custom chicken antibodies are kind of our thing.

Our capabilities include peptide design and synthesis, phosphopeptide synthesis, antibody production and purification, and ELISA analysis. We can generate custom chicken antibodies against customer-supplied recombinant proteins or against synthetic peptides from protein sequences identified by our proprietary Immunogenicity Algorithm®. We provide antibodies in research scale or bulk quantities, labeled with biotin or other tags, and purified to levels that suit your needs.

Custom Chicken Antibody Production

We have been producing custom chicken polyclonal antibodies for customers in academia and industry worldwide for over twenty years.

Custom Peptide Synthesis

We synthesize peptides with modified amino acids, including phosphorylated residues, biotinylated residues, nitrosylated residues, and more.

Antibody Purification and Labeling

Using proprietary technology, we can provide antibodies at two levels of purity.

ELISA Analysis

We characterize antibodies by direct and sandwich ELISA applications.