Anti-HA Epitope Tag Antibody-HRP conjugated

Anti-HA Epitope Tag Antibody-HRP conjugated

Anti-HA Epitope Tag Antibody-HRP conjugated (ET-HA100HRP)

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Chickens were immunized with a synthetic peptide containing the influenza hemagglutinin epitope (YPYDVPDYA) conjugated to keyhole limpet hemocyanin. After repeated injections, immune eggs were collected, from which the IgY fractions were prepared. These fractions were then affinity-purified using a peptide column, coupled to HRP, and filter-sterilized (0.45 µm).

Volume: 1 mL

Concentration: 100 µg/mL

Clonality: Polyclonal

Form: Affinity Purified

Host Species: Chicken

Applications: WB

Antibody Registry ID (RRID): AB_2313513

Physical State: Liquid

Validation and Application Notes

Western Blot Dilution Range: 1:5000

Quality Control

Antibodies were analyzed using ELISA and western blot analyses. By ELISA, the antibodies were diluted 1:10,000 and gave an optical density of >1.0 in a 15 minute reaction using tetramethyl benzidine as the substrate against peptide conjugated to a different carrier protein. By western blot, the antibodies were diluted 1:1,000 and gave a prominent band.


Store at 4°C in the dark. Under these conditions, the antibodies should have a shelf life of at least 12 months (provided they remain sterile). For longer storage periods, dilute the antibodies with sterile glycerol and store at -20°C. Do not freeze these antibodies unless you want to store them for longer periods of time.


Aves Labs products are intended for use as research laboratory reagents. They are not intended for use as diagnostic or therapeutic reagents in humans.

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