Anti-Peripherin Antibody

Full-length recombinant peripherin was injected into laying hens, and then the IgY fraction was purified from hyperimmunized animals. These antibodies have been validated with human, mouse and rat tissues.


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Product Specific References for Applications and Species

Immunocytochemistry: Human
PMID Dilution Publication
34930944not listedAlsaloum, M., et al. 2021. Contributions of NaV1.8 and NaV1.9 to excitability in human induced pluripotent stem-cell derived somatosensory neurons. Scientific Reports, 24283.
345576691:200Yuan, J.H., et al. 2021. KCNQ variants and pain modulation: a missense variant in Kv7.3 contributes to pain resilience. Brain Communications, fcab212.
238677671:100-1:250Rose, K.E., et al. 2013. Immunohistological demonstration of CaV3. 2 T-type voltage-gated calcium channel expression in soma of dorsal root ganglion neurons and peripheral axons of rat …. Neuroscience, 263-274.
Immunocytochemistry: Rat
PMID Dilution Publication
316818451:500Akin, E.J., et al. 2019. Building sensory axons: Delivery and distribution of NaV1.7 channels and effects of inflammatory mediators. Science Advances, eaax4755.
Immunohistochemistry: Mouse
PMID Dilution Publication
381709521:500Gendre, T., et al. 2024. Characterizing Acute-Onset Small Fiber Neuropathy. Neurology: Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation, e200195.
29022879not listedOlson, W., et al. 2017. Sparse genetic tracing reveals regionally specific functional organization of mammalian nociceptors. eLife, e29507.
282768371:1000Chamessian, A.G., et al. 2017. 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) and Ten-eleven translocation 1–3 (TET1–3) proteins in the dorsal root ganglia of mouse: Expression and dynamic regulation in neuropathic pain. Somatosensory & Motor Research, 72-79.
Immunohistochemistry: Rat
PMID Dilution Publication
273857231:1000Ramachandra, R., et al. 2016. Voltage-dependent sodium (NaV) channels in group IV sensory afferents. Molecular Pain, .
249663001:1000Baxter, J.C., et al. 2014. Functional expression of α7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by muscle afferent neurons. Journal of Neurophysiology, 1549-1558.
216015701:100Persson, A.K., et al. 2011. Nav1. 7 accumulates and co-localizes with phosphorylated ERK1/2 within transected axons in early experimental neuromas. Experimental Neurology, 273-279.
Additional Publications: Unspecified
PMID Publication
22173870Simon, C., et al. 2012. Sox10‐iCreERT2: A mouse line to inducibly trace the neural crest and oligodendrocyte lineage. Genesis, 506-515.

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