New Chicken TREM2 Antibody Just Released

NEW! Anti-TH (LNC1) now available from Aves Labs

Custom Antibody Highlights: Selective Infection of Neurons in a Mouse Model of Zika Virus (ZIKV)-Infectivity

PhosphoSolutions Joins the Aves and Antibodies Team

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Chickens make better antibodies.

Aves Labs is the leader in high-affinity, custom chicken IgY and other immunoreagents for biomedical research and antibody manufacturing. Learn more...

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From Our Customers

The antibody produced by Aves Labs was excellent. It worked well for immunoblots, immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemisty. All in all, I could not have asked for more! However, the best part of the whole experience was the help and advice that Aves Labs provided regarding which sequences to use as an antigen. I believe that this is one of the major reasons why their antibody was so useful.

John J. Peluso, Ph.D. – University of Connecticut Health Center

For a competitive price, Aves Labs efficiently provided me with a high-quality polyclonal antibody that successfully detected my protein of interest. This antibody has greatly advanced my research programme and enabled the publication of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles.

Gavin Stewart, Ph.D. – University College Dublin, Ireland

I am impressed with the responsive and user-friendly service. The quality of the antibodies is excellent.

Tien Hsu, Ph.D. – Boston University School of Medicine

We, in CIS Biotech, Inc., have worked with Aves Labs since 2001 in connection with development state of the art reagents for TIA/stroke diagnostic tests. Aves Labs has provided a very professional, qualified and dedicated assistance. We have always experienced the most motivated and helpful expertise and have steady supply of high quality chicken antibodies and other products. I can highly recommend Aves Labs to anyone who is in need of a quick and highly professional assistance, available exactly at the time and place you need it.

Galina Izykenova, Ph.D. – CIS Biotech, Inc.

I have routinely been impressed with the service and antibodies from Aves Labs. As a result, I’ve recommended their service to several colleagues. I particularly like the fact that chicken antibodies can readily be used in combination with well-characterized antibodies from other species.

Mark J. Zylka, Ph.D. – University of North Carolina